product shoots

IMG_2949This is a photo that I am super proud of not only because it is beautiful, but it also really captures the essence of what I want to do as a career. Although it may not look it while I’m in class, I am completely obsessed with fashion and beauty products. I am someday hoping to be working in the fashion or beauty field in some creative way, whether it be photography, graphics or video production. I took this photo for a local boutique on Devine St. called My Kim Collection (if you haven’t shopped there yet then please do because it is beautiful & amazing). Basically this photo landed me a job as an occasional product photographer for them (I also get 25% off the whole store and they gave me a free hat…#goals). So now I am going to have a more secure schedule where I go in and work with them and take photos like these for them to use on their website and social media! I am so excited. I think it also looks pretty good for my portfolio as well! More photos and updates about this job to come in the near future- (1/40 F5.0 ISO 800)

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