spring has sprung

I took this photo today at work and just felt really inspired by it. I basically took it overhead of a bin of orchids that were all wrapped up in plastic. (1/40 F3.5 ISO 6400). I really liked how I focused on just one of the orchids and everything else is in sort of a confusing blur (feels kind of like my life!). Besides the technical aspects of this photo that I enjoy such as the focused subject, depth of field, and brightness, I really just enjoy the overwhelming use of natural colors in this photo. The pops of purple and pink and some neon greens are just really cool and unexpected. In general I tend to love bright and colorful pictures as well as bright and colorful objects in general, so I think a lot of my photography tends to consist of brightness and colorful objects. I also love including floral elements in my photography, I can not get enough of flowers. I’m considering using flowers in my studio portrait being thrown around by the model (still trying to figure out how that will work…) we shall see!flowery

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