studio portrait

I have been conflicted about who exactly I want to shoot for my studio portrait assignment. I originally wanted to take pictures of my friend Kelsey, who is a model and needs pictures for her blog/boutique. I absolutely love fashion photography and am really interested in photographing her for an assignment. But lately I have been super inspired by black and white photographs of dancers. I love how dramatic their tutus are in a photo, and the way lighting hits them can really bring drama and creativity to a portrait. I have a friend who is a Ballet major here at USC and I am considering asking her to be my model for this assignment. I also think this would be more of a challenge for me, as I already do photography for my friends boutique so that is within my comfort zone. Getting pictures of my friend in different dance poses, looking worn out or happy could be really interesting. I still need to think about my angle and what publication I would see her photographs being in, but I am considering taking a “worn-out” sort of approach to this assignment, showing the side of dancing that not everyone wants to see or hear about. How it can be detrimental to the body, wear girls out, foot problems, etc. This is just one idea, but I want to see if my friend is even willing to partake in these photos and how she wants herself to be portrayed as well! Just an idea I wanted to write down and think a little bit about before I shoot this weekend.


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