studio table

This is a photo that I shot for my J499 lighting class assignment. I am really proud of the work I did, I could see this favorite photo being something in Food Network Magazine, or Martha Stewart Living. If anything, I struggled with getting the correct lighting for my photos, because I really wanted to make sure they were not overexposed. I am really proud of the way they turned out, the variety of photographs I got, etc. I think my favorite parts of this photo are the rich colors of the vegetables. I love the contrast between the red/purple beets and the yellow squash. I also think that the seasoning and the garnishes really add an extra something to the photograph as well. I got a lot of inspiration for this photograph through food photos that I found on Pinterest. I am feeling a little nervous for the studio portrait assignment due next week, just because I really want to feel as proud about those pictures as I do about my food pictures! Overall I am really pleased with my food photos and will definitely be adding them to my portfolio.

Photos of vegetables shot for article “Root vegetables make an easy, warm winter meal.” Shot in UofSC School of Journalism photo studio by Olivia Lagaly.

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