wedding photography

mcclam-77Tonight I am super inspired by Jessi Nichols Photography. Jessi is a wedding photographer based out of Greenville, and is only a few years older than me! I have raved about her in the past, but I am particularly excited by her work tonight because I have a potential interview for an internship with her for this summer! I am obsessed with weddings as well as taking pictures and capturing moments. I think that this could be a great future career for me, since I am very entrepreneurial, too. I have always wanted to start my own business but could never quite figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Now I am starting to think I potentially want to be a wedding photographer! Talking about budgeting in class in terms of freelance work also got me really excited for possibly starting my own wedding photography business someday. Jessi had 40 weddings that she shot last year, each one making her around 3,000 dollars and up. I am so inspired by her work and her drive that I am excited to possibly start my own business someday like her, too.

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