new challenges

taste of sc

I had a bit of a rough day at my other job today. I came in to find out that we “quickly” needed a picture of twenty different food products arranged in the light box so you can see what each and every label says but also fit them all in the picture in focus. My boss unfortunately didn’t realize this would take more than 10 minutes so I got yelled at when it took me 45 minutes :/ Rough day! Another thing that really frustrated me was that I still couldn’t manage to get the grits and biscuit mix at the bottom into perfect focus! This was driving me nuts. I tried auto focus as well as manual focus, and even selected each little square on the screen where I wanted the camera to focus! I have had trouble focusing on my camera since the beginning of this course, so I can’t tell if I am the problem or if my camera is the problem, or even a little bit of both! Overall it was a pretty frustrating day in terms of photography, but that happens I suppose. Hoping for a better one tomorrow!

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