photo shoot

This past week I did a photo shoot for a local boutique called My Kim Collection. It was so much fun and always really challenges my skills as not only a photographer, but as a person. I struggle with an anxiety disorder, so as a result of this I get really anxious to show my work to professors and colleagues, as well as clients! Photography has really helped me to grow in this area of my life though, because it constantly challenges me to accept myself and my work and allow me to take criticism and go with it, without taking it to heart (as I tend to do with everything). This particular shoot was more challenging for me for a few reasons. I was working with a new model whom I had never met before, and I am used to shooting my friend who works there! Secondly, the owner of the store who lives in Asheville was there on this day and she is usually the photographer. No one told me, but she was really there to evaluate my work and see if I was good enough to work for them! This made me a bit nervous, but luckily she ended up loving my photographs and proceeded to say that she can now retire! Ha! Anyway, this new job as their contract photographer has really allowed me to grow and step out of the box, which is always a great thing for me.

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