garden & gun


I am starting to think ahead to my garden & gun shoot for next week. I want to do a “breakfast in bed” themed shoot and am really inspired by a lot of the french toast and fruit photo set up I’ve been seeing. One thing I really like about the blueberry photo is the syrup dripping down onto the food, I would LOVE to get an action shot like this for one of my photographs.

bed I am also thinking of bringing my comforter to the studio and creating a “breakfast in bed” sort of vibe to the set up itself. I absolutely love styling and setting up shoots so I think that this will be a really fun one. Some challenges I perceive are not being able to focus on all of the food (since I always have focusing issues) and my white comforter possibly looking too white or blown out in the studio. We shall see how this shoot turns out! I’m very excited about it.

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