Today I had an interview for a photography internship with a beauty company that I’m a huge fan of! This got me looking into inspirational beauty photographers, and I stumbled upon Jamie Nelson once again. Not only does she create photos, but she enhances them by combining multiple shots and making mini moving videos out of a burst of photos. I love it! Her portfolio is also awesome and definitely something that I would strive for. She has worked with Vogue, Maybelline, Cosmo, Allure and many others. Some tips I read from an article by her are that lighting is absolutely key in presenting makeup in the way that the company wants to portray it. It needs to look super pigmented and really stand out. I love the way she also combines different textures and filter-like looks to her photographs. She has a lot of old-fashioned looking photographs and it really intrigues me as to how she gets them to look like that! Here is the link to her portfolio- I want to be her!



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