Bachelor in Paradise: Spoilers Ahead

Wrote this awhile ago and never posted! My final thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise…


If you know me, you know I am obsessed with the entire Bachelor franchise. I have been loyally watching The Bachelor/ette since high school, continued throughout college, and still try my best to never miss an episode even during this strange post-grad period I am currently residing in. BUT since Bachelor in Paradise is coming up on its final episode, I thought I would share some fun thoughts and reviews on the drama that has gone down this summer in Paradise!

The first and really only thing I wanted to talk about is the Dean drama. I have two opinions on this and I just can’t decide which I side with more. If you haven’t been watching, the general synopsis is that Dean can’t make up his mind between Kristina and Danielle L., but it’s so NOT COOL because he is absolutely leading both of them on and won’t make a decision.

First of all, Dean is hot. Period. So I don’t really blame Kristina or Danielle for sticking around for him to make a decision? I kept wanting them to go off and find someone else and not put up with his indecisiveness, but let’s be real… if I was on Dean’s radar and had a 50/50 shot with him, I would DEF wait it out.

The thing that annoys me is that he keeps making the excuse that he knows it’s wrong that he likes Danielle, and keeps telling Kristina that he gets that it’s messed up that he likes them both, but he’s just like “it is what it is, I get that it’s messed up and I get that this is my fault.” I feel like he thinks that since he is acknowledging how messed up it is, that it is excusing him from actually making a real decision. It feels a little like he is trying to buy time while remaining the “nice guy.” Smooth move Deanie Babies, smooth move.

On the other hand, I don’t feel bad for either girl. As one of my friends pointed out, the point of the show is to date people, and a lot of people at that. Dean doesn’t owe either girl an answer or commitment, he is in Paradise to have fun and meet a lot of women. At the same time, I totally get the jealously factor coming in, especially since him and Kristina seemed pretty serious right out of the gate. In the last episode we found out that Dean chose Danielle (BOOOOOO) but I’ve heard that him and Kristina got back together after the show? Come on Kristina why couldn’t you stand strong?? It’s the blue eyes isn’t it, ugh.

Besides the Dean drama, I think Derek and Taylor are sooo cute. Like it’s annoying. But do we think a proposal is in the future? And how are the producers going to convince a sober girl to get engaged??

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