How To Attract & Manifest Love Into Your Life

Ah, love. Sometimes it feels like a miracle, sometimes it feels like death, and sometimes it feels like the world’s greatest mystery. Have you ever wanted a relationship, but were afraid to admit it to yourself? Or maybe you know what you want, but you don’t know the next step to take. Here are my best tips to bringing the greatest love into your life.

  1. Be what you are looking for- If you’re looking for a guy who’s charismatic, kind, warm and helpful, be that in your life! If you’re putting that energy out there, you’re bound to attract a similar vibration.
  2. You’ll always be lonely until you become friends with yourself- if you don’t love yourself, then how can you expect someone else to love you? Get to know YOU- your interests, what makes you happy, and what you want. Then you’ll be ready for someone else.
  3. Change your relationship with yourself, and watch the world change around you- again, this is about loving yourself. Once you get to the place where you’re fully content with you, you will see a huge change in your world. Your relationships with friends, family and significant others will improve drastically (because it was really about you all along).
  4. Make a list of what you want- and get specific! This sounds silly, but if you get so specific even down to the color hair the guy has and his occupation and his personality traits, you’ll start getting clear on what exactly you want. Then the universe will be able to deliver!
  5. Make a vision board…on your phone. Let’s be real, what do we look at more than our phones every day? If you have a vision board of relationships you look up to and want in your life (pics of cute couples, your grandparents, whoever!) then you’ll be subconsciously absorbing and visualizing that everyday until it becomes your reality.

These were just a few of the many points I made on Saturday Night Liv Podcast this week about manifesting love into your life. If you want to hear more, listen below and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to podcasts. Let me know what you think in the comments below…did I miss anything? Sending you all lots of love!

How I Got a Boyfriend in NYC

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share how I met my boyfriend Mike here in New York and my top tips for dating in the city! I am definitely not a dating expert, but I can share what worked for me and what I think helped to lead us to where we are now in our relationship.

sad but we only have snapchat selfies together

Dating in big cities is hard, it just is! It’s almost like there are too many people and options that it becomes overwhelming. And where do you even start? I don’t go out super often, and when I do it’s not like guys usually approach me or want to chat! A lot of people I’ve met here have said they met their significant other through mutual friends, but when you move to a new city like I did and don’t have many friends, that feels impossible too! My last option seemed to be online dating, but soo many dating apps are creepy (i.e. Tinder and Happn) which steered me away from using dating apps in the first place. But once I moved here I realized that New York City has its whole own array of dating apps, which is where I met my boyfriend! Here are my tips for online dating that my boyfriend and I did that totally worked for us.

FullSizeRender 5

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Send The First Message: This one is crucial in my opinion! I think when girls wait around for a guy to send the first message, they aren’t always going to get what they want. I say be bold and make the first move, I did and it worked out for me! I met Mike on an app called Hinge and I wrote a message to him commenting on something he wrote in his bio. (He wrote something about how he only likes baked cookies and not cookie dough and I sent a message asking how could he not like cookie dough because it’s the best, super cheesy but it worked out for me!)
  2. Get off of the app ASAP: This one is THE most important. You know those guys/girls you’ve chatted with on a dating app for weeks/months and never actually met up with? Yeah, I’m pretty sure the longer you stay on the app talking, the lesser of a chance you have at meeting in person and forming a real connection. (This is just my theory!) I want to say Mike and I only exchanged like 5-10 messages on the app before exchanging numbers, and then we planned to meet like that weekend. This also really helped me to not be so nervous going into the date, since there was less pressure because we didn’t know each other well so the expectations were low, lol!IMG_5795
  3. Meet in Public/Somewhere with Activities: I honestly think going to dinner or coffee can be so nerve-wracking because you are basically forced to keep up the conversation, and if there’s a silence it can be awkward! Obviously after awhile those are totally normal dates, but if you’re going into a first date with someone from an app, you may have a better chance for success in a public place with things to do/look at. We went to a food festival, which ended up being so fun because there were so many foods and drinks to try but we also walked around and chatted a lot. It was also busy enough where if we weren’t talking that it wasn’t awkward. (Quick shoutout to Mike for being an hour late to our first date and I was about to leave, glad I didn’t…definitely thought I was getting stood up!)
  4. Give It at Least Two Tries: Even if you aren’t totally sure that the date was awesome or perfect, maybe give it one or two more dates before you make a final decision! I had such a fun time with Mike on our first date but I still didn’t know if we had “chemistry” or could just be friends. He even tried to kiss me goodbye when he walked me to my train and I totally dodged him (awkward! 😂) but I decided to give it one more chance and thank god I did!

he is also the man behind the camera for all of my blog pictures 😂

That is all for how I found a boyfriend in New York City! I will say I went on a few dates from different apps when I moved here, so don’t think the first guy is going to be a keeper! Just keep trying and don’t be discouraged, and also don’t take it too seriously! I had no expectations going into my date with Mike and had no idea how awesome he would be, and now I can’t imagine not knowing him! Sorry for the cheesy post/ if it was too much, just tryin’ to make some love connections happen 😂

Do you have any dating tips? Comment below! 🙂

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The Bachelor: Night 1 Review


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Happy New Year! If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with the entire Bachelor franchise. I started really watching the shows during Emily Maynard’s season (one F Jef why couldn’t you have been the bachelor this season instead?!) But I definitely used to sneak in episodes before her season as well. Did anyone else’s parents forbid them from watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette when you were younger?! Mine thought it was inappropriate, lol. Still didn’t stop me! In honor of the new year and the new bachelor, I thought it would be appropriate to review Arie’s season premiere.

First off, why Arie? I have a feeling we will all eventually like him by the end (I hope?) but after night one I’m honestly not feeling it! I think people have forgotten him from Emily’s season, and I feel like it’s a whole new crowd of fans that watch the show now versus back during Emily’s season. He’s older, I don’t find him super attractive, and is anyone else super creeped out by his voice? I feel like they were trying to go for someone similar to Peter since he was such a fan favorite, but just because they’re both grey doesn’t mean this replacement works.. it doesn’t.

Image result for ari liondike

Onto the girls. I feel like I wasn’t really super paying attention to the intros since nothing really caught my eye? But right off the bat, the ones that stand out in my head are short hair Bekah and Raven’s friend. I think they’re both cute and seem pretty normal? Their intros were cute too. But we shall see. I read that Bekah is 22 (Ari is 37) so I feel slightly uncomfy? but everything is fine (?)

Other than that, there wasn’t anyone that stands out as the annoying evil one besides Chelsea? TBH they all looked the same and were all named Lauren so this is looking to be a semi-boring season. Let’s hope someone’s crazy comes out and spices things up soon!

Do you have any fun bachelor/bachelorette viewing traditions? In high school and college I used to have friends over and make a huge deal about watching it every week, it’s always been one of my favorite Monday night traditions! Any predictions on who the winner will be, or who your favorite is? Let me know in the comments!

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Bachelor in Paradise: Spoilers Ahead

Wrote this awhile ago and never posted! My final thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise…


If you know me, you know I am obsessed with the entire Bachelor franchise. I have been loyally watching The Bachelor/ette since high school, continued throughout college, and still try my best to never miss an episode even during this strange post-grad period I am currently residing in. BUT since Bachelor in Paradise is coming up on its final episode, I thought I would share some fun thoughts and reviews on the drama that has gone down this summer in Paradise!

The first and really only thing I wanted to talk about is the Dean drama. I have two opinions on this and I just can’t decide which I side with more. If you haven’t been watching, the general synopsis is that Dean can’t make up his mind between Kristina and Danielle L., but it’s so NOT COOL because he is absolutely leading both of them on and won’t make a decision.

First of all, Dean is hot. Period. So I don’t really blame Kristina or Danielle for sticking around for him to make a decision? I kept wanting them to go off and find someone else and not put up with his indecisiveness, but let’s be real… if I was on Dean’s radar and had a 50/50 shot with him, I would DEF wait it out.

The thing that annoys me is that he keeps making the excuse that he knows it’s wrong that he likes Danielle, and keeps telling Kristina that he gets that it’s messed up that he likes them both, but he’s just like “it is what it is, I get that it’s messed up and I get that this is my fault.” I feel like he thinks that since he is acknowledging how messed up it is, that it is excusing him from actually making a real decision. It feels a little like he is trying to buy time while remaining the “nice guy.” Smooth move Deanie Babies, smooth move.

On the other hand, I don’t feel bad for either girl. As one of my friends pointed out, the point of the show is to date people, and a lot of people at that. Dean doesn’t owe either girl an answer or commitment, he is in Paradise to have fun and meet a lot of women. At the same time, I totally get the jealously factor coming in, especially since him and Kristina seemed pretty serious right out of the gate. In the last episode we found out that Dean chose Danielle (BOOOOOO) but I’ve heard that him and Kristina got back together after the show? Come on Kristina why couldn’t you stand strong?? It’s the blue eyes isn’t it, ugh.

Besides the Dean drama, I think Derek and Taylor are sooo cute. Like it’s annoying. But do we think a proposal is in the future? And how are the producers going to convince a sober girl to get engaged??